Aquanima 40

Award-winning solar electric catamaran

Aquanima 40

Unlimited Range Bluewater Catamarans
100% solar powered, with electric engines

The very first in the Aquanima range, Aquanima 40 is a true bluewater ocean going yacht with unlimited range, that can be 100% solar powered and propelled by electric engines.

Using only solar power, Aquanima yachts are designed to cruise at sailing yacht speeds. Built in aluminium with CAT A CE Certification, Aquanima 40 has the capability to undertake long ocean passages, day and night, even week by week, with no reliance on fossil fuels at all.

Options for a sailing yacht conversion with a rig for headsails or hybrid diesel-electric solution is possible. Contact us for your customisation now.


Eco-yachting on aquanima

The future of yachting for the ecologically conscious adventurers

  • Bluewater hulls – undertake ocean passages
  • Built to class standards
  • Unlimited fuel-free range
  • 24/7 non-stop operation
  • Noiseless operation
  • Vibration & smell free – clean bilges
  • Ultra-hydrodynamic hull, optimised propellers, cutting edge solar panels
  • Electric motors
  • Lithium-ion phosphate batteries
  • Solar roof acts as rainwater collector
  • Solar roof fully usable as an upper deck
  • Lightweight displacement
  • Virtually maintenance free motors – 20,000 hours
  • Premium marine grade aluminium
  • Cost free operation
  • Free power generation – can be used to supply shore stations and generate income
  • Ecological – no GHG emissions, no oil leaks, no noise pollution
  • Operation via tablet with remote access
  • All vessels can be offered as hybrid versions
  • Future proofed with constantly updated software and hardware.


Sea trial of Aquanima 40 hull #1 “Solar Eclipse” 


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    Specifications of the yacht

    Yacht Builder: Aquanima
    Yacht Model: Aquanima 40
    Yacht Type: Solar electric catamaran
    LOA (Length Overall): 13.25m / 43 ft
    Beam: 6.0m
    Draft (minimum): 0.65m
    Displacement: 7 tons
    Electric motors: 2 x 10 kW
    Battery bank: 60kW Lithium-Ion
    Solar panel area: 56 sqm
    Range: Unlimited at 4 knots
    Max speed: 8-9 knots
    Guest cabins: 2 to 4 cabins

    Complete systems installed: navigation, electrical, air conditioning, entertainment, water etc.

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