Yacht ownership program

Enjoy & Earn – Combine your yachting passion and business with YachtCharter.sg

Buy a yacht to rent out

Put your yacht on charter with YachtCharter.sg to generate revenue with our established client base.

With our Yacht Ownership Program, you get free hours on the use of your boat (or an equivalent one), while we monetise the rest of the time for you by renting your boat out to our YachtCharter.sg clients.

 Leave all the operational and commercial aspects to our professional charter management team. We will handle the scheduling, crewing, billing, sales and marketing – everything you need for a successful charter boat.


Full Ownership or Shared Ownership?

Depending on your budget, you may choose to go for our full ownership program or share the cost with other like-minded co-owners.

Own a Charter Yacht

Enjoy yacht ownership, without having to manage the boat yourself.

Earn from renting out your yacht, without doing anything other than buying it.

To find out more on how you can make money by owning a charter yacht.




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