Yacht Management

A full suite of services to simplify and to complete your yachting experience

Some says yacht ownership is a big hassle. Berthing, maintenance, servicing, crewing… the list goes on…

Existing yacht owners know it. New owners are going to find out.

But we are telling you this fact. Because we honestly agree.

And we go further to make yacht ownership a breeze for you.

We offer strong support and advice to yacht owners on maintenance and operations of the yacht. With a competent technical team, rest assure that the yacht is being maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible standards. Owners are then free to enjoy their time on board, safe in the knowledge that every last detail is being taken care of.

Consultancy & BrokerageProviding the advice you need.
With our yacht management expertise in the Asia region, Xynez is able to offer consultancy services to existing yacht owners and owners-to-be on areas such as yacht inspection and purchase advice. In addition, we can help with the sale of your yacht.

Technical SupportGive your yacht what she deserves.
Backed by a team of proficient technical support staffs, Xynez is on hand to assist when things break down. More importantly, we are here to help make sure things do not break down unnecessarily. Because we know prevention is better than cure. We believe your yacht deserves consistent technical maintenance and support.

Charter ManagementWe go hands-on for you to hands-off.
Turn your yacht into an investment, an opportunity to generate revenue. Place your yacht into charter service to substantially reduce the cost of ownership. For yacht owners to enjoy a truly passive income, Xynez offers complete charter management services, including charter marketing and booking management.

Concierge ServiceConcierge is a luxury no yacht should be without.
Getting the support and advice you need at the right time, right place. This is your privilege, our commitment. Enjoy your yacht ownership, while we take care of the hassles and headache for you.

Yacht management varies from yacht to yacht, simply because each yacht is unique. No two yachts are the same, you may have different priorities and preferences. So we offer yacht owners custom solutions, be it for personal leisure only or for charter yachts.

A yacht is for enjoyment, but that enjoyment only comes with great yacht management.

Comprehensive suite of yacht management solutions For A Complete Peace of Mind with Us

Always there for youBecause we are Your Yachting Partners
Enjoy your yacht ownership and the yachting experience with the complete enjoyment and peace of mind.
If you are interested to put your yacht under our management, do drop us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Kindly provide as much information as possible, and include the type and make of yacht you own.

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