Your health and safety remains our key priority at We are monitoring the latest situation and will update you here. Additional precautions such as regular cleaning and disinfecting will be taken on all charter yachts.

Yacht charter is an exclusive and private event for small groups, hence risks can be well controlled if all individuals play their part in ensuring good hygiene. We seek the kind cooperation of all charter guests to keep the yachts and yourself free of virus. At this point, all yacht charters may continue on with the additional precautionary measures.

Update on 14 October 2020 – Pursuant to PMC 37 of 2020 below, MPA have sent out the following reminder: while the yacht is approved to carry more than 5 persons, yacht owner/operators are not to accept bookings for yacht charter of large groups of more than 5 persons even if they are broken into sub-groups of 5 persons. The 5-person sub-groups must be from separate and distinct groups. Exceptions will be made for wedding solemnisations and receptions.

Update on 22 September 2020 – Self-service buffet lines, live music, radio broadcasts and all forms of television/video screenings and other forms of entertainment such as dancing, darts or karaoke are not allowed on board. Recorded music may be played only as soft background music, not exceeding 60 decibels.

For selected yachts approved to take more than 5 guests, additional Safe Management Measures include but are not limited to:
– Ensure no intermingling between each sub-groups of up to 5 guests.
– Charters with more than 5 guests are not to exceed 8 hours.
– Buffet lines and BBQ are not allowed.

More information on Port Marine Circular No. 037 of 2020:

Update on 28 August 2020 – Selected yachts can now take up to 35 guests subject to additional safe management measures

Please note the additional Safe Management Measures to be implemented during charters on selected yachts in order to carry more than 5 guests on board:

  1. Guests will need to undergo temperature screening at our meeting place. Please note our skipper reserves the right to refuse entry to any guest whose temperature is above 37.5 deg C or showing symptoms, in consideration of the safety of our team and other guests. (In which case, no refund will be given)
  2. Guests will also be assigned subgroups.
  3. Each subgroup cannot exceed 5 guests.
  4. Guests are required to check in and out via SafeEntry on board our yachts.
  5. Onboard, guests will need to remain in their own subgroup which should not exceed 5 persons per subgroup, maintain a safe distance of 1 metre from other subgroups, and are not allowed to intermingle between subgroups.
  6. Onboard, guests will need to wear your masks at all times (except when eating or participating in water activities).
  7. Water activities will be staggered between subgroups so that intermingling will not occur.

Please note that if there’s any guest fail to comply with the above, our skipper has the right to end the charter and return to the marina, as we risk losing our license and incurring hefty fines should we not adhere to these measures. In such case, they will be no refund or compensation and the whole charter shall be deemed to be completed and fulfilled.

We seek everyone’s cooperation so that we can continue our operations to enable every single guest to enjoy a day out at sea.

Update on 30 June 2020 – We created a special page to summarise the phase 2 deals for up to 5 guests here

Update on 18 June 2020 – Yacht charters are now permitted in post-circuit breaker phase 2 from 19 June 2020 onwards. Safe distancing measures and other restrictions apply i.e. maximum of 5 guests allowed. Special promotion for up to 5 guests here:

You may continue to take advantage of our credit topup promotions to enjoy discounted charters:

Update on 29 May 2020 – Yacht charters are still not permitted in post-circuit breaker phase 1, and shall be postponed until further notice. Do take advantage of our credit topup promotions to enjoy discounted charters once we can resume operations:

Update on 21 April 2020 – Circuit breaker measures to be extended to June 1. Yacht trips till 1 June 2020 shall be postponed until further notice. Credits top-up options are available here:

Update on 6 April 2020 – On 3 April 2020. the Singapore government announced that the Multi-Ministry Taskforce will be implementing an elevated set of safe distancing measures, as a circuit breaker to pre-empt the trend of increasing local transmission of COVID-19. (Source: MOH) As such, yacht trips from 7 April to 4 May 2020 shall be ceased until further notice. Our back-end support team remains ready and available to answer your queries via phone, email, WhatsApp and our social medias. Affected yacht charters within this period shall be postponed to a later date. Discounted charter credits are still available for purchase on Experology: More credits top-up options here:

Update on 25 March 2020 – In view of the latest advisory from MOH on 24 March 2020 regarding tighter controls, Singaporeans are advised to avoid holding and participating in social events and gatherings involving more than 10 persons at any one time. These include private celebrations like birthdays and weddings. We encourage yacht charters with 8 guests or less (plus 2 crews) for the time being until 30 April 2020.

Update on 13 February 2020 from One 15 Marina Club – In light of the latest situation surrounding the Wuhan Coronavirus, the Club will be screening the temperature of all charter passengers and boat crew embarking and disembarking at ONE°15 Marina with effect from 13th February 2020.

Please refer to the new procedures as follows:
· All charter boats are not allowed to embark and disembark guest at their own berth.
· The captain/owner of the boat is required to provide the number of passengers going on the charter one day in advance.
· The crew shall pick up charter guests from the boardwalk outside the fuel dock gate where the temperature screening will be conducted.
· After the temperature of all passengers are taken, the charter boat will be allowed to berth alongside the fuel dock to pick up the passengers.
· Each boat will be given 15 minutes to board the passengers. No waiting is allowed.
· Upon returning to the marina, temperature will be taken for disembarking passengers.
· Where a passenger has a temperature of 37.5 and above, he/ she will be turned away and not be allowed to embark the boat.

The Club takes a strict stance on protecting the health and safety of our Members and guests, and we seek your cooperation in making the marina a safe place to be. Boaters not complying with the screening procedures will be penalized.

Update on 7 February 2020 – Singapore’s risk assessment raised to DORSCON Orange. There is no need to panic yet, as precautionary measures are well in place. We will encourage all charter guests to practise personal hygiene such as washing hands more regularly on board. Our crews are required to monitor their temperature at least twice a day and to continue maintaining personal hygiene at all times. All charter guests are encouraged to take their temperature even before leaving house and to not attend the yacht charter if temperature is above 37.5. Guests with travel history to China since 25 January 2020 shall not be allowed on board.

Update on 4 February 2020 – Singapore’s first case of human-to-human transmission is reported. Guests with fever or flu are strictly not allowed on board.

Update on 22 January 2020 – Any crew or guests with travel history to Hubei or other parts of mainland China in the last 14 days, or have been in close contact with someone who have been to China in the past 14 days will not be allowed to board. Suspected case or individuals showing symptoms such as fever shall be turned away as well.

Update on 20 January 2020 – Singapore reported its first case of Wuhan novel coronavirus (nCov-2019) on 20 January 2020. This is an imported case, with no signs of community spread yet. We will continue to monitor the latest situation to ensure your health and safety.